As a manufacturer and distributor of lifting equipment we can boast about having richly equipped and unattainable for many companies on the market machinery park for rent.

Our fleet includes:

- more than 300 pneumatic jacks, including over 25 with of a capacity of 30 tons- pneumatic
  carriages of a capacity of up to 75 tonnes
- special winch with a small ground clearance and carriages up to 25 tons- pneumatic hoists
  from 250 kg to 75 tons
- pneumatic winders with brake, clutch and lifting frame
- measuring device and tensometric scales (from 5 to 500 tons)
- data registering devices
- electric hoists and carriages up to 5 tons    
High quality and reliability:

The device that returns to us from the customers are dismantled, preserved and tested before placing them in the warehouse. In preparation of each device for renting, it is carefully checked and tested in our workshop for the second time; therefore the customer receives the item in perfect condition. We manufacture spare parts for our equipment by ourselves, so we can keep our fleet in excellent condition.
Pay only for the days of use:

Due to the fact that we supply the customers all over the world, we prepared a special offer that includes payment for renting only for the days you use.  Time of transport of the machine to the customer will not be included in the period of rental. After completion of the work, the customer has 3 days to return the device, which is not subject to the payment.
Key benefits:

- reduction of capital expenditure –  the customer pays only for the equipment needed at any
  given moment
- ability to adjust the equipment for specific tasks
- ability to use the equipment on the day of delivery
– a wide range of devices
- possible rent of a number of multiple devices at the same time
- technical support
- free consulting and evaluation of the requirements for the devices
- competitive prices
- renting with possibility of purchase

Minimum hire period 7 days.