The FESTOON C-TRACK system, has been specifically designed and developed for the support and conveyance of air hose, flat form cable and round cable. The application of which may be seen in overhead travelling cranes, hoists, jibs and monorails, mobile material handling machines and other travelling equipment.

Depending on the application or environment, a FESTOON system is offered in a choice of 2 different materials: galvanised or stainless steel. The track can either be single for supply only or gradual track for an independent pendant.
On our clients specific request, a FESTOON C-TRACK can also be supplied curved. Our automated rolling and forming machinery, is able to achieve a maximum bending radius of 1.25m, easily covering a multitude of conveyance applications. These are made to order.
With our offering of stainless steel profiles, our FESTOON C-TRACK system is also ideal for the food, marine industry, or safe areas where ATEX certification is required.

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