Our RRI-T range of electronic handsets has been developed from our well proven SWLT range to meet the ever increasing requirements of our customers.  The links range in capacity from 100 tonne to 500 tonne, and are manufactured from low weight, high strength duralloy. All links are proof loaded to 150% of the rated capacity and have a safety factor of 5:1 (minimum) and IP68 ingress protection.
The ergonomically designed handset, with tactile switch membrane, allows one handed operation and is environmentally sealed against water and dust to IP65. An easily accessible battery compartment allows the three “AA” batteries to be changed quickly.
Red Rooster large capacity links are also available as RRI-C remote indicating cabled models.

• On/Off
• Tare
• Zero
• Peak hold
• Low battery indicator
• Battery level indicator
• Link power down mode
• Eight digit display
• Select units in lbs, kg, tonne or US Tons
• Rubber cover with lanyard
• Robust carry case
• Load cell lasts 2 months on standby
• Remote turn off on load cell
• Up to 99 ID address codes

• RS232C output for printer or data logging with Pipeline® software to PC or print mode
• Radio versions available 433MHz and 2.4 GHz
• Range 50m to 100m depending on frequency
• AA Lithium batteries in handset for extended life
• Link supplied for use with rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack
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