Winches AW/PW Series

- Self-braking wormgear transmission for the AW series
- Planetary gear for PW 550
- SOLAS compliance
- IP 56 TENV motor protection for the AW ES series
- IP 66 TENV with standstill heating for the PW 550
- Rotary vane, gear type air or motor for the AW LS series
- Steel drum (not grooved) with one or two cable fixing 
  point(s) at flange
- Two drum supports
- Emergency hand crank for the AW series only
- Double layer 2-component conservation, colour RAL 5010
- 13 meter pilot ladder with 32 fl at steps, 4 spreaders and 4 
   rubber steps for PW 550
- Pneumatic versions with hand control valve
- IP 66 spindle limit switch for PW 550
- FEM / ISO class: T3-L3-M4

- Band brake, manual or automatic fail-safe for the  AW series
- Increased motor protection IP 68 TENV for the AW series
- Alternative supply voltages
- Grooved drum for AW series only
- Drum pressure roller for AW series only
- Alternative speeds
- Alternative drum dimensions / split drums / additional rope anchors / etc.
- Drum guard for AW series only
- Marine / offshore coating systems
- Class witness certifi cates

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