Wire Rope Spoolers WR-III.

The Red Rooster Wire Rope Spooler (WRS-III) is a highly robust compact unit capable of handling a range of standard wire rope drums (wooden or metal) up to 4000kg. The WRS-III features a manual disengaging clutch to allow the wire rope on the drum to be pulled out by hand or by an other powered winch. The wind on band brake allows back tension to be applied to the wire rope during spooling operations. This greatly reduces the possibility of slack rope or 'bird nesting'. The shaft and support bearings of the WRS-III are completely detachable, allowing quick and easy installation of wire rope drums. The WRS-III has been specifically designed with an oversized high strength frame, crash guards, enclosed motor housing and small footprint to make it suitable for use in demanding offshore environments.

- Powerful air motor & self braking worm gearbox.
- Low air consumption (100l/sec @ 6 Bar)
- Manual disengaging clutch
- Wind on band brake (500kg back tension)
- Max Pulling Force ~500kg
- Max Torque ~950Nm
- Detachable shaft and support bearings
- 9 r.p.m. max speed
- Remote pendant control, 2 metre
- Marine epoxy paint finish

- Forklift pockets
- 4- Point Lifting bridle
- Accepts cable reels:
  Up to 1000mm wide
  Up to 1500mm diameter
- With centre hole 60 to 116mm
- Maximum reel weight 4000 kgs
- High strength oversized frame
- Crash guards.
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